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Jasper, a ten-year-old English Sheepdog, a “superstar” favored by almost all HKUers, was certified as a therapy dog in the HKU Library since 2017. Not only does he own his HKU staff card, he also got customized staff uniform and has given a press conference before reporting duty since Day 1.It is hoped that this programme will benefit HKU students during the assessment period by encouraging less stress and anxiety by taking a break from their studies.

High Table Dinner

High Table Dinner

HKU Traditions-With its origin in Oxford and Cambridge colleges, High Table Dinner is a proud tradition of HKU at which faculty members, guests and students dine together in a formal setting. It is designed to promote intellectual exchange among the participants. Through attending the dinner, students learn to handle themselves in a formal dinner and develop a sense of pride and identity with the University. For many students, it is the first formal dinner they have ever attended.

Green Gown

Green Gown

HKU Traditions-Green Gown is the official attire formerly worn by all undergraduates for formal occasions including examinations and High Tables. On the Inauguration Ceremony, which is the first formal University gathering for new students, new students will meet the Vice-Chancellor, senior academics, alumni bodies and the President of HKUSU, then the Vice-Chancellor will give an inaugural address and host the Robing Ceremony during which freshmen will put on the HKU traditional Green Gown.



HKU Tradiditons-Superpass is a traditional event at HKU to wish students the best of luck in their exams. Activities during super pass include writing Chinese couplets (Fai-Chun in Cantonese) that students will write good wishes on strips of red paper,which they then use to decorate their dorms and doors with during the stressful weeks leading to exams. This is a welcome distraction from cramming for exams.

The information below is for students currently enrolled in the academic year 2020-21. 

New students of the academic year 2021-22, please stay tuned!

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Societies & Clubs
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Catering Services

Starbucks on campus:

HKUSU Cafeteria A (Starbucks Coffee) - Administered by HKUSU

Students and Staff get a 30% off discount on beverages,

and that's probably the cheapest you could get in Hong Kong!

Discover Neighborhood Gems!

HKU has probably the most "Hong Kong city vibe" among all universities in Hong Kong. HKU is located near the heart of Hong Kong island where Central and Causeway Bay are just less than 3 miles away. Students and visitors have so much to taste a bite of Hong Kong and even the whole world just within minutes of walk from HKU to the whole neighbourhood. 


Food Guide in Sai Ying Pun

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