To complete the ID995A form, please note the following:

  • Please complete the fields on the sample form that are highlighted in yellow.

  • For Section 6 - Applicant’s Estimated Cost of Living in Hong Kong. Please refer to the “HKU Preparatory Guide for Non-local Students” for details, please provide the total estimated cost for one whole year or for the period of studies concerned.

  • For Section 7 – Financial Situation of Applicant, please refer to the items listed under Q31 and Q32 in this document. Please fill in the form the exact details provided in the financial supporting documents (e.g. bank statements in English, bank letters in English, proof of scholarship/grant/loan, etc.) you provide for your student visa application.

  • You must sign at the bottom of page 1 to page 4 of ID995A form with the same signature as the one in your passport.

The University of Hong Kong