Applying through local Chinese Embassy

Step 1

Once you have received your official letter of admission, you have to request CEDARS to be your visa sponsor. The application should be sent to CEDARS at 3/F Meng Wah Complex, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong.

Step 2

If CEDARS agrees to be your visa sponsor, CEDARS will email you a copy of the supporting letter in Chinese.

Step 3

Along with CEDARS’s supporting letter, you can forward your official visa application set to your local Chinese Embassy. They will pass your visa application to the Hong Kong Immigration Department (HKID) in accordance to their schedule. The HKID will then draw references from CEDARS, HKU and send your visa application result to your local Chinese Embassy. Your local Chinese Embassy is responsible for informing you of the result and passing you the student visa label. The processing time for the Hong Kong Immigration Department is around 8 – 10 weeks. You also need to take into account additional processing time by the Chinese Embassy, which varies with Embassy.

As it usually takes longer to apply for student visa through your local Chinese Embassy, please allow more time for your application. You are responsible to monitor the progress and result of your student visa application.

The University of Hong Kong