Payment Instructions for Local Student

Step One

Read the payment instructions on the system and check your "14-digit Payment Reference Number"

Step three

Pay the deposit (HK$ 5,000) before the deadline (stated on the payment instructions)

Step five

Accepting the Offer of admission will be possible AFTER you have successfully uploaded the proof of payment.  


Please keep a record of the proof of payment for reference. You will be informed in case the deposit is not successfully made.

Step Two

Check the available payment method

  1. ATM / Internet Banking (for local HK account ONLY)

  2. HKD Bank Draft (for outside of HK)

  3. Wire Transfer (for outside of HK)

  4. WeChat Pay, Alipay or AlipayHK​

Account Info is on STEP SIX - payment instructions

Step four

Keep your payment receipt/record and upload it to the system

Step six

Read the full instructions on the system carefully and do not miss out any details

The University of Hong Kong