Visa Re-application 

Important notes:

An applicant who has applied for a visa for entry for study in Hong Kong before but would like to apply for a visa for entry of study again. (E.g. A student, who had completed an undergraduate programme, has to apply for a visa for entry of study again, if he/she has registered for a postgraduate programme in HKU.)

  1. documents listed here

  2. A photocopy of Hong Kong Identity Card;

  3. A photocopy of HKU Student Card;

  4. A photocopy of your EEP

    • The photocopies of EEP must include the following three items: (1) Personal Particulars, (2) Visa/Entry permit label, and (3) Latest landing slip from ImmD stating that you are permitted to stay in HK as a student until DD/MM/YYYY

*If you are unable to provide a photocopy of HKID/UID/EEP, because you did not make application before, have damaged it, lost it etc, you should provide a Declaration of Missing Document (Download Here).

The University of Hong Kong