Visa application

All Mainland students who will be entering Hong Kong directly from Mainland China should apply visa/entry permit through the China Affairs Office (CAO).

Please read through step-by-step guideline below before you proceed to the HKU CAO Online Student Visa Application System. 

Step one

Applicant receives a conditional/confirmed offer of admission

Step Three

Applicant sends the set of completed application hardcopy documents to the
China Affair Office (CAO)

Step Five

CAO submits the applicantion to the HK Immigration Department 

Step seven

CAO collects the visa/entry permit label and sends back to the applicant by courier

Step nine

Applicant enters Hong Kong with the EEP, visa/entry permit label and the relevant exit endorsement

Step Two

Applicant prepares the application documents and submits online application via Online Application System

Step four

CEDARS checks the documents

CAO receives and processes the hardcopy of application documents

Step Six

The HK Immigration Department  processes and approves the application

Step eight

CEDARS checks the documents

Applicant receives the visa/entry permit label and applies for the “Exit-entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao” (EEP) and the relevant exit endorsement

The University of Hong Kong