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 Check-in Spots on HKU Campus 

HKU Lotus pond SYS.jpg

Happy Park & Lotus Pond

A life-size bronze statue of Dr. Sun Yet-Sen is set beside the pond in memory of the proud alumni of HKU.

centen courtyard2.jpg

Centennial Courtyard

The scenery is enjoyable in Centennial Courtyard, whereupon favored by many young couples.

MB HKU.jpg

Main Campus & Building

Oldest historical building

standing with HKU since day one, and used to be the sole building in the university.

centen campus nightview.jpg

Centennial Campus

Constructed for commemoration the 100th anniversary of HKU (1911-2011) , and don't forget to check-in the famous Brown Brick Wall there!


May Hall & Eliot Hall

The initial dormitories in HKU. Eileen Chang, Lung Ying-tai both lived here in the early years.


Visitor Centre

As the front door to the University, the Visitor Centre welcomes prospective students, parents, alumni, and all visitors who want to know more about HKU. 

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