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Hong Kong Student Visa

Please read through details below to understand about Hong Kong student visa application. We strongly advise all conditional/firm admission offer holders to apply visa as soon as possible to avoid any possible delay. 

Please visit HERE to understand full visa application procedure and latest updates. 

Visitor Visa for HK does not allow you to study in HK.

Please note that the Visitor Visa and the Student Visa are two different types of visa. You still need to apply for a Student Visa to have right to study in Hong Kong. 

Students not applying for a student visa are reminded to maintain validity of their IANG/dependent/employment visa throughout the whole study period.

What shall I do if I have a Conditional / Firm Admission Offer?

Applicants with a Conditional Admission Offer are strongly advised to apply for entry for study visa as soon as as admission offer is received. You are able to submit the Firm Admission Offer Letter/Email copy to Admissions Office later when you receive such a firm offer confirmation.

Upon a visa/entry permit granted by ImmD, the visa/entry permit label is to be collected by Admissions Office for onward transmission to you. However, the visa/entry permit label will ONLY be sent after you have submitted a copy of the Firm Admission Offer Letter to Admissions Office.


How long should I expect it to be processed?

The processing of Entry for Study visa application will take 8-10 weeks upon receipt of a complete set of application documents. The actual processing time could be longer for individual cases, especially if your set of documents are incomplete. You are advised to apply for a student visa as soon as possible after accepting an offer of admission to study in HKU.


For Mainland Chinese applicants, you should reserve additional 2 weeks for applying the Exit-Entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao (EEP) (港澳通行證) and the relevant exit endorsement (逗留D簽).

More questions? We got you!

Please visit HERE to understand full visa application procedure and latest updates. 

Please read the FAQs we've prepared for you as well Click Here

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